My Tea Boys! The Story of Tiesta Tea and Oh, Olive!

It all started with, "Hey, Mom, how about stocking some awesome tea in Oh, Olive!?"and the rest is history.

Tiesta Tea is a fabulous new specialty tea company launched by two University of Illinois (UIUC) Seniors and young entrepreneurs, Patrick Tannous and Dan Klein, a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother of my son, Brett. Being in the field of education for many years, I was happy to work with my "tea boys" to be the first store to stock 35 blends of their black, white, green, rooibos and oolong teas. However, rather than focusing on these classifications, the boys would rather have you think of the effects of the teas which are distinguished by their names: Slenderizer, Energizer, Relaxer, Immunity, and Forever Young.

People who sample Tiesta Tea rave about the crisp flavors, intoxicating scents, and whole fruits found in the tea blends. My favorite is the Creme de Chocolate which has bits of dark chocolate and a rich chocolate flavor, but none of the calories!

Tiesta Tea has made a big splash in our Libertyville store. I hope you will drop by our tea corner to sample our many varieties and read about "my tea boys". Some day you will be able to join me in saying, "I knew them when..."